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ShowerGuard® - Forever Beautiful

ShowerGuard® - Partner companies

ShowerGuard® is the product of a successful collaboration with the glass manufacturer Guardian, whereby FRERICHS GLAS has the refinement processing job to do. It is a glass which was especially developed for showers and which has some revolutionary features when compared to other types of shower glass currently on the market.

Nr. 1 in Europe
FRERICHS GLAS is the first glass processor in Europe who could refine the ShowerGuard® glass. Especially for showers and back wall covers in wet areas the first glass with a permanent "easy-to-clean"-effect makes permanently brillant glass panes.

Product features

ShowerGuard® is not a coating but a completely new type of glass. It is the only glass on the market which is permanently corrosion-resistant and is exceptionally easy to clean.

Conventional glass corrodes because of hardness in water (Water Hardness Map of Germany ), the effects of heat, moisture and soap. Even cleaning materials can leave stains on the surface of the glass, can discolour and decompose it – the surface of the glass becomes rough and unattractive. During the manufacturing process ShowerGuard® has its surface protected by an ion-bonding process. This patented technique seals the surface of the glass for the long-term and ensures that lime stains can simply be wiped away.

In contrast to applications which have to be sprayed on or rubbed in, and which sooner or later dissolve, the surface of ShowerGuard® is durable.


Where can I buy ShowerGuard®? - Partner companies

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The registration for your personal guarantee declaration can be found at the official ShowerGuard® website at www.showerguardglass.com.